Custom Gift Baskets

We have a large selection of gift baskets to choose from and we customize each basket based on the occasion and the recipient. We are also flexible with our designs and you can request small changes to the gift baskets for no additional fee (unless there is a significant value difference between the items we are switching).

If you want to order a gift basket and select most of the contents yourself or have us purchase items for the gift basket on your behalf, you can request a custom gift basket.  Select anything you want for your gift basket and we will design it.

We stock a large variety of products for our gift baskets including: food and beverages, bath & spa items, baby clothing, toys and bath items, household products, home décor, books, gift bears, mugs, giftware, music, and much more.  We can incorporate any special gifts or items that you have purchased OR purchase items for you and include it in your gift to create a truly one of a kind gift basket. 

Custom Gift Baskets start at $75

Additional fees apply to any items that we purchase on your behalf for the gift basket (any items we don’t normally stock). If you have questions or would like to order a custom gift basket, please contact us:


Phone:  250-263-8143250-263-8143




Custom Gift Baskets by Thoughtful Expressions

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