Candy Gift Boxes - 3 Sizes
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Candy Gift Boxes - 3 Sizes

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Candy Gift Boxes

We offer our Candy gift boxes in 3 sizes. The small size is in a gable box, the medium is in a mailer style box and the large is a box with lid. Boxes contain assorted candy and chocolate treats based on our current stock as it is always changing. The assortments may include items like wonka candy, candy bars, lollipops, gummies, jelly beans, caramels, gum and much more. No matter which box size you choose, your final gift will be packed, closed up and decorated with ribbon. The candy and boxes shown in this product listing are examples and the final products might be in different boxes and the contents vary.


Small Size $25

Medium Size $50

Large Size $75

Mega $100


We also offer candy bags for party favours, stocking stuffers, gifts, etc. Contact us to enquire about these as we don't have those listed on our website. Tasty Dogs also offers our candy bags at their concessions.